Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Aircraft Manufacturing Industry

http://www.seytec.com/images/sthome/index_r2_c4.jpgAircraft manufacturing industry also manufactures engines of different aircrafts required in military and commercial needs. For defense purposes, helicopters as well as aircrafts for military requirements are bought by the Government. These defense aircrafts are designed to deliver particular tasks like taking troops from one part to another. The aircraft manufacturing industry also manufactures aircrafts which are not guided by humans. These are called “unmanned aircrafts”. Samplers, sorters, inspectors, testers play a vital role in the smooth functioning of the aircraft industry. They carry out quality control and look into the safety of the aircraft.

Aircraft manufacturing industry and safety of workers:

According to reports, in the year 2003, workers injured while on duty in the aircraft manufacturing industry accounted for 4.7%. In the private sector, sickness or injuries connected to work accounted for 5% of all accidents and mishaps related to aircraft industry.

Employment provided by Aircraft manufacturing industry:

As many as 444,000 jobs were provided by the aircraft manufacturing industry in the year 2004. California and Washington DC registered the highest number of job openings in the aircraft manufacturing industry. Next in queue were Connecticut, Arizona, Texas and Kansas for harboring the maximum number of workers in the aerospace industry.
Maintenance, Repair work, Production, Installation jobs comprised of 37% of employment in the aerospace industry. It is anticipated that job openings in the 2004 through 2014, may increase by 8%. Employment scopes in the aircraftmanufacturing industry reduced to a considerable extent due to the fact that commercial aircrafts reduction of commercial flights effected due to the World Trade Center attacks and consequent downfall in the financial condition of the country. However, United States Of America has recuperated from this crisis and is gradually working towards the improvement of it's financial set up.

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